Meet the Members

Katherine Merck


“Advocate for the west, women and kindness.”

Katherine is as sweet as they come. She was the first to jump on this Branding Membership team and I welcomed her with excitement to get this rolling. She is a leader, as you can see by the list of women that come behind her on this page, an inspiration to women everywhere and a lover of all things western fashion. She proudly represented the entire sport of rodeo as Miss Rodeo America 2016. She now serves the agriculture community as a Lawyer in Cheyenne, WY. She is a Pacific Northwest girl born and raised in Spokane, WA. She owns Rodeo Advantage and just recently dropped the first ever digital download guides for all aspects of competing and serving as a rodeo queen. 

Corina Tripon


ginger root ~ growth coach 

“I teach women how to use their gifts and align with God’s audacious purpose.

Corina is absolutely one of my favorite people. We have laughed and cried and laughed more together more times than I can count. She is the owner and founder of Ginger Root Society. What is Ginger Root? In Corina’s words, “GRS is a bold community for female entrepreneurs pursuing audacious success in alignment with God’s purpose.” I can honestly say Corina single handedly changed the course of my business success through her coaching and friendship. She will push you to be everything you can be. She gives you the honest truth about your road blocks and how to overcome what’s holding you back. She is all about balance – work hard, play hard with this one! She has truly inspired me that it is okay to take breaks. I’ve learned on this entrepreneurship journey that sometimes it can be hard to know when to stop and rest, when to persevere and when to change directions, but that’s right where Corina comes in.

I have two favorite things about Corina. The first is, the girl is not shy about her love for Jesus. She will pray with you and for you with audacity that can’t be matched. She believes we have gifts of the spirit that help us align our businesses for success and encourages you to use them for His glory. My second favorite thing about Corina is her love for a crisp glass of Champagne and cheersing to your success. This girl won’t let you celebrate even the smallest of wins alone. She is in your corner through and through and who wouldn’t want a coach like that?


Megan Vanstone

Pastry Chef ~Blogger

“When life gives you lemons, you add gin…”

My girl!! Megan is hilarious, real, creative and a damn good cook. Megan joined my Membership this past summer as a way to help her launch her blog, Honey Housewife. We meet together every two weeks to shoot her new content, try all the new recipes and taste all the best cocktails. My favorite thing about shooting with Megan and showing up to her whole family ready for their moment in front the lens dressed to the 9’s for whatever the next holiday celebration is. The men in her house have full on tuxedos, and nobody’s mad about it. If you want to know how to host the best event, family dinner, birthday or just a quarantine dinner in, Megan is the one to follow. There is no shortage of cookies, sparkles, gin or love in the Vanstone house and this girl is JUST getting started! 

Beth Anderson

Real Estate agent~Auntie

 “Love where you live.”

Ok, ok so I’m not sure Beth would want “Auntie” in her title, but it’s my website so I’m doin’ it. My kids only know her as Auntie, I really think they believe she’s just another one of my sisters. Beth is a Real Estate Agent that serves the Spokane, WA, Coeur d’Alene, ID and surrounding areas. She is dually licensed in both states to offer her clients ample opportunities for the perfect home here in the Inland Northwest. Beth worked as a licensed Realtor in California for many years before moving to Spokane in 2015. She has worked on Freddie Mac foreclosure teams, relocation teams and new home subdivision teams. She serves her clients with the utmost care, from the first time homebuyer to the seasoned investor. Beth truly wants the best for you.

Fun fact: I met Beth originally on my first day at a new job where I was in fact taking over her old position. I learned most of what I know about real estate and the whole industry directly from her. If you have caught any pattern in these Members it’s probably how each one has grown into a true friend. Beth was an OG coworker turned bestie. In the time I’ve known her we have moved 1100 miles from where we were both born and raised, I have welcomed two children, and my husband and I have bought and sold 4 different homes, all with her help! Couldn’t recommend her more!

Samara Behler 


“Your dream is my passion.

Meet Samara! She is a Realtor located in Spokane, WA. She loves to serve her clients well in finding the right home for them. She is incredibly warm and welcoming to everyone she meets. She is married to her best friend. 

When I asked her what sort of simple things make you happy, her response: “A really great beer, my (dream) car, watching my dogs have fun, a new pair of sweatpants and clean sheets!” I loved those answers. There really is nothing better than climbing into bed at night with freshly washed sheets. 


Samara is such a great asset to anybody searching for a home. She will work hard to find the place of your dreams. 


Kimberly Allen

Mother ~Realtor 

“Mama Kim”

Kim is the woman you want in your corner in all things. In real estate. In life. In prayer. All of it. Kimberly and I met through mutual friends and she is a true gift. She is the calm in a storm. She’s lovingly known as Mama Kim, and if you have ever met her you know why. She brings a peace and a sophistication to situations that not many can do. She is a genuine encourager to all.

She is also incredibly passionate about her work in real estate. She loves to find her clients the perfect home for their needs. She is licensed in both Washington and Idaho and loves to serve her community of Newport, WA/Oldtown ID, but serves clients all over the INW. 


Ashley Jones


Meet Ashley! She is a Mama to two sweet kiddos. She works as a licensed esthetician as well as building her real estate career! She is so excited to welcome new clients to the home buying process. She loves to provide continually relevant information for her clients so they feel prepared for the process all along the way.

She is from a small town in Idaho where she grew up riding horses and participating in Rodeo Queen pagents. She has a one year old puppy named, Amiyah, who is eneregetic and loves to spend time with her. Ashley is a true creative, she loves to paint, crochet, make earrings and recently took up learning how to create digital art. I am so excited to share more with you all about Ashely as her year in this Membership continues.