The perfect family photo session DOES EXIST! I’m so excited to share with you all that you need to make it happen for you.
First and foremost, you need LIGHT! Your photographer will know where the light is, when its best for their style, and what locations work best at certain times of day. TRUST THEM!

Secondly, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! This is Mt. Spokane State Park. Can you tell I have worked in real estate before? Ha!

Yes, I know a good photographer can make your session amazing anywhere. BUT, a gorgeous location automatically takes your photos to the next level. I mean, look at this view?!

Third and most importantly, LOVE. We want to capture that feeling of you looking over on a Friday night as you’re all cuddled on the couch watching Dumbo for the 5th time that week under one blanket in your jammies. That warmth you feel knowing your world is safe, healthy, full of love and adorable? We want to capture that. 

Remind yourself as you pull in to meet your photographer we are here to photograph your family JUST as you are now. Your kids will never be 3 and making silly faces for every picture again. Or 18 months and crying through the whole thing. Embrace the meltdowns, embrace the silliness, embrace the falls, embrace the dirt on the clothes. And you know what, hang that picture on your wall. Real life. In the moment. Exactly as you are. It will be a conversation piece for everyone that comes across it. It will be the heartbeat of your home.

And as a bonus bring all the patience. I know, I know. I’m a Momma and I get family photos taken every year. THIS IS THE TOUGHEST ASK! We want our kids to smile, REAL smiles and laugh and be sweet with us. Sometimes, that doesn’t happen. Roll with it, it will be ok. You will get shots that you love. We promise.

Leave your favorite tip on family photos below for others to know about!! Love this location pictured above, BOOK IT HERE!