Guys, it’s Thursday afternoon. I look like a HOT MESS! Maverick looked at me a few minutes ago and said “Mom, you have crazy hair!” And, he’s right. We have hockey practice tonight and a full agenda tomorrow morning. The kids are currently fighting in the basement. The laundry is overflowing. The bathroom needs cleaned, beds need made and work needs to be done. But you know what, THIS IS LIFE. Right this very second, I am living my “good old days.” Someday my house will be clean because it will just be my husband and I living here. Someday dinner with be a perfectly balanced three course meal, because I’ll only have to cook for two adults. Someday the laundry will be folded and put away nicely and our beds will always be made, because my kids will be off living their own lives.




Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something I’m sad about or worrying about. It’s reality. It’s my reality, it may even be your reality someday, or you may be living this right now. What I’m hear to say is, this is exactly why I’m passionate about what I do. I give you some of the only memories you have after time has passed. Photos (and videos) are sometimes the only things we have left to remember a time in our life that is over. These things allow us to see our 5 year olds smile again, even though he’s now married with two kids of his own. They are the only time I’ll be able to see what my daughters curls were like at two after she’s grown and probably cut them all off. Memories are all we have left.


I’ve had the conversation with several people lately that told me they didn’t do maternity photos, or newborn photos, or have never had professional pictures taken of just them and their kids. I know somebody reading this right this very moment is on the fence about scheduling a session. Not with me necessarily, but with a photographer in general. Thinking…”will it really matter?” or “I have a phone!” I’m here to tell you, you will NEVER regret the photos you have done by a professional. You will only ever regret NOT doing them. Think about it, if you’ve ever passed on a deal by your photographer, or didn’t hit send on that e-mail draft, you wish you would have. And, I’m saying this from personal experience as a consumer, not as a photographer. You can never have too many pictures of your family, ever.





Hot mess, perfectly put together, kids crying and screaming, none of it matters after the time as passed. Have somebody snap professional photos of your story. Have them snap you feeding your baby, or putting dinner on the table as your kids color to stay occupied. Have them snap your newborn babe, or your postpartum body because you’re a freaking rockstar. Have them snap you and your husband on a day besides just your wedding day. Have them photograph you and your best friend, because you’ll never be 30 with 4 kids between the two of you again. Life goes so incredibly fast. Freeze it in time any chance you get.